General information


The total control of the product is an important key in our sector, as in this way we have the possibility of developing new tailor-made products.

Thanks to the wide range of chemical formulations based in NR, SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM, IIR, BR, FMVQ or FKM rubbers, and to the personalized research and design of the product we can offer the best solution for sealing problems, protection against abrasion and impact or any other need the industry can demand.

And all of it always answering in a demanding manner to the needs of the market in relation to international standards like electrical isolation, food contact, fire resistance, potable water applications, etc. as Industrias del Caucho has a precise technical team in its laboratory in charge of controlling and certifying the product quality.

Apart from the technical rubber sheeting and calandered uncured rubber, Industrias del Caucho also supplies a wide range of rubber mats for different uses and applications. They are recommended in buildings, industry and public places in general (shops, supermarkets, warehouses, lifts, swimming pools, etc.). This mats are also used in vehicles, vans, boats and diverse machinery.


Due to the complexity of the product Industrias del Caucho is producing, we offer a chart with technical information in order to facilitate as much as possible the election of the product needed.

This data is the result of many years of research for our technicians and should be considered as a support guide only.

The big amount of substances, the important quantity of possible applications together with the different conditions in the applications of the product, make it impossible to prove the suitability of each product. For this purpose we suggest you to let our experts advise you.


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The mixing quantities, time, temperature, pressure, the finish of the product … any change in the environment conditions during production make rubber a very malleable product.

The complexity of working with rubber means that we need to establish some tolerances in our products.

This is of course a general information and we have the flexibility for other possible dimension and tolerance not shown here.

From To Sheeting Mats
0,50 1,00 +/- 0,20 (1)  
1,00 1,60 +/- 0,25 (1)  
1,60 2,50 +/- 0,35 (1)  
2,50 4,00 +/- 0,40 (1) +/- 0,50
4,00 5,00 +/- 0,50 (1) +/- 0,50
5,00 6,30 +/- 0,50 (1) +/- 0,60
6,30 10,00 +/- 0,80 (1) +/- 10%
10,00 16,00 +/- 1,00 (2)  
16,00 60,00 +/- 7% (2)  

(1) According to ISO 3302ST2

(2) According to ISO 3302ST3. For widths above 1.400 mm. +/- 10%


Width Tolerances

Rubber sheeting -> +/- 2%

Mats -> +/- 2%

Rolls out of Tolerance

For production reasons rolls out of length tolerance can be delivered as follows:

For orders of 5 or less rolls -> 2 rolls out of tolerance

For orders of more than 5 rolls -> 10% of the ordered rolls

Length Tolerances

Rubber sheeting -> +/- 5%

Mats -> +/- 5%

Tolerances in Quantity

Orders of 5 or less rolls -> Ordered quantity (kg.) -5%/+10%

Ordered quantity (rolls) +/- 1 roll

Orders from 5 to 10 rolls -> Ordered quantity (kg.) -5%/+10%

Ordered quantity (rolls) - 1/+2 rolls

Orders of more than 10 rolls -> Ordered quantity (kg.) -5%/+10%

Ordered quantity (rolls) -5%/+10%



Rubber Types

Industrias del Caucho produces rubber sheets in almost all types of rubber, like NR (Natural rubber), SBR (Estyrene-Butadiene), EPDM (Etylene-Propilene), NBR (Nitrile rubber), CR (Chloroprene rubber), CSM (Chlorosulfonated rubber), IIR (Butyl rubber), FKM (Fluoroelastomer).

Thickness, Widths and Lengths

We can produce sheets in thickness that go from 0,5 mm. up to 60 mm. Widths can be 2.000 mm. maximum up to a thickness of 6 mm. and 1.500 mm. maximum from thickness above 7 mm.

Standard lengths are:

0,5 mm. to 1,5 mm. -> 20 m.

2,0 mm. to 10 mm. -> 10 m.

12 mm. to 60 mm. -> 5 m.

Other lengths can be produced under requirement.



Finishes and Insertions

Rolls can be produced both sides smooth, one side smooth and one side textile impression, both sides textile impression or with a bonding layer in one side.

Insertions like cotton, jute, polyester (EP-100, EP-160, etc…), nylon or metal nets can be used.


All rolls are packed with an opaque plastic foil and a label outside of the foil including roll number, reference, dimensions of the roll, weight and lot number.

Rolls up to and including 3 mm. are packed with a separating plastic foil and rolled on a cardboard tube. Under requirement talcum dust can also be used as separating agent.

Storage conditions

The long storage of rubber products may change the properties of the product, therefore it is important to consider adequate conditions for its good maintenance.

The recommendations for storing rubber products are detailed in the ISO 2230 standard, and the principal aspects to consider are:

Temperature: 10-20 ºC

Keep in a dry place with some air renewal. An excessive dryness is not good for the product, as well as strong air currents.

Protect from sun light and for any fluorescent light.

Avoid contact with hydrocarbons, solvents and acids.

Maintain the product far from power generators, electric engines and any ozone emitting source.