Since 1942

Industrias del Caucho was founded 1942 in the city of Pamplona (Spain). The entrepreneurial capacity together with the knowledge of leather and rubber curing let the company focus its activity in the industrial production of technical rubber articles in order to fulfil the growing necessities of the developing industry.

In the 50-70 years new business opportunities appeared together with the touristic development in Spain and the production of bath rubber caps is the main activity of the company at that moment. It is a time of great growth, the acquired know-how and the widening of commercial view makes the company have as well an important presence in the international markets, mainly in Europe and America.


70-90 years

From the 70’s on it is the laminates and technical rubber sheets the main production as they become in fundamental components for the industry. The development of the chemical industry and the arrival of oil derivate mean an important change as natural and synthetic rubbers with high physic and mechanical performance begin to substitute to reclaim rubber.

With the new materials, the technical knowledge in transformation and in the multiple applications of our products Industrias del Caucho achieves becoming an important producer of technical rubber sheets in the European market.



Industrias del Caucho obtains the UNE-EN ISO 9001 certification.

All our activities, commercial, industrial and administrative, concentrate in our actual site in Artica, having more than 10.000 sqm of facilities.

During this period important investments are made in order to increase the production and R+D capacities of the company.

The entrance of the Elastorsa group in the company permits the development of synergies between both companies as well as boosting the capacities of Industrias del Caucho.

Our facilities in 1948